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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall of the leaves and Fall of Amanda

So the day started out quite normal, We decided to rake some leaves and clean up the yard and house for winter. Little didn't Manda know, but she was about to meet her arch nemesis, the Evil Leaf Monster. He attacked her and the following pictures tell the tale
Here she sits enjoying dry,crisp and beautiful fall leaves
Oh look at how much fun she is having, only if she knew what was to come!!
The Evil Leaf Monster waits in suspense and watches his prey
Long story short,she lost
The Evil leaf Monster laughs now at his victory and watches her pluck the leaves from her divinely created hair.

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  1. Soon you will be able to play in the snow!!! Cute pics you guys, and a fun blog to keep people connected. Congrats!! Love you, M

  2. I love Amanda's dark hair! And I love fall in Alaska!